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Moving To North Alabama

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Have you ever been looking property and seen property at a real bargain just before a big boom in the local economy?  I know what you think and you just kicking yourself for missing those kinds of opportunities.  If you haven’t thought about it, then you might should think about looking at property in Alabama.  Usually what people think about when I think about moving to the south is the Atlanta, Georgia area, but North Alabama is is that the hub of access to many large cities in the southeastern United States including Birmingham, Nashville, Chattanooga, Jackson Mississippi, Mobile Alabama, so there is lots of opportunity for economic growth have you moved your business to Alabama.

I’ve never understood why anyone would not think Alabama was as good place to move their family to or two invest in property.  Alabama isn’t the same Alabama it was in the 1960s.  The KKK does not roam the streets, and not everybody is born to parents who are family.  Things like this just don’t happen as much as they did in the past.  Alabama is a state that is growing economically, socially, and culturally to become a part of the national fabric of life.

If your job or business is one that is highly based on computer technology, there’s no better place in North Alabama than Huntsville.  Huntsville Alabama is home to the Space and Rocket Center, NASA, Redstone Arsenal, Intergraph, Lockheed Martin, Cummings Research Park, etc.  In fact, in 2005, Fortune magazine named the Huntsville/Decatur area the sixth best place for doing business in the nation.

Home to the Tennessee Valley Authority, also called TVA, utilities are reasonable.  It keeps the cost of living down with plenty of water from the local Tennessee River and plenty of resources.

The recreation is great in North Alabama.  There are lots of golf courses such as the Robert Trent Jones golf trail, lakes such as Lake Guntersville, waterfalls like DeSoto falls, caves like Sequoyah Caverns, museums like the Alabama music Hall of Fame, and plenty of natural resources for fishing, hunting, birding, hiking, boating, and just about anything as you can think of outdoors.  Mother nature is plentiful here in North Alabama.

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